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  Tuesday, May 5, 2009  
Ok so I finally walked across the stage.. Graduation day was May 2. There were 2 graduations, the one that comprised of everyone from all of the undergraduate colleges and the Black Celebratory program. I have pix!!

I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Anthropology (yay me!) Well.. I am getting my degree next month.. I have one more class to complete.

Future plans... I plan on getting a dual degree, an MD/MPH. I have yet to take my MCAT and I have 2 more classes to fulfill my prereqs for medical school. But, I am starting my public health degree this fall.

and on to the pix!

This is before graduation, if you look, all of the graduates are filing in on the other side.

Yes I am in this booklet!!

The view from my seat... it does not pay to be early to graduation ya dig

The massive sea of graduates from my mother's seat. There were about 6000.

I guess me and my friends thought they were taking a picture of us.. but clearly they were trying to capture the AKA's!! It's still lovely tho LOL

Me and Baby Monkey! She went back to Cali this morning =(

More pix I took with friends at graduation!

Me and my roomie after the big graduation

After the big graduation!

3 of my best friends came to the big graduation... Lil Bit, Mr. Talented, and the Princess! Lil Bit and the Princess went broke coming from Howard University to see me!! That's why I love them! So supportive!

After the big graduation, me and some of my closest friends and fellow graduates went to eat with our families.

Black Celebratory 09.. yes I am on that stage

Me and my Mom after Black Celeb... and yes she was at the big one

My other best friend, the Mama, showed up at the Black Celeb graduation

My Uncle and his family were there acting a fool

My 2 cousins that keep my hair so fabulous!

My other BFF... Mr. athlete came.. 5 out of 6 of my best friends came to see me graduate... The philanthropist didn't come because he had finals! Get it in!

After all of this.. I went to a party... there will be NO PIX released... cuz that party ended with me passing out in my car and waking up the next morning STILL IN THE CAR covered up with my robe LOL. Good times tho

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