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Mz Coko likes being Fly... and Mz Coko likes talking about stuff other than clothes... cuz that's what 'Intellectuals' do. Plus Mz Coko has a slight case of ADD and can not stay on one topic... so whatever Mz Coko feels like talking about (something along the lines of fashion and black folk issues) is what is gonna get talked about.

Name: Coko Mulan
Home: Detroit, MI, United States
About Me: 23. Christian. TheDazzleCartelFounder.SalonZeroDegrees.AccessoryFreak. ShoeAddict. UniversityOfMichiganAlumni. BigSister. Daughter. AttitudeProblem. Comedienne. Shop-a-holic. Intellectual(Duh). Opinionated
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  Friday, April 3, 2009  
Guess Who's Coming Back!!!
I'll be back soon.. I promise.. and with regular updates!! Promise! I got a new computer and I am about to graduate.. so I'll have more free time!

I know I have neglected ya'll before but.. u know how it is.. the University of Michigan is trying to take my life away ya dig!
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